Would you support a corner store in Garibaldi Highlands?

August 29, 2013



Gordon Price, from SFU  is hosting a conversation on Sept 5th about corner stores in Vancouver. I really like the idea of the corner store. I think this is another one of those concepts that will return as society re-evaluates itself like it is with the local food movements and the return of organic food that […]

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Interesting documentary on The Barrier between Whistler & Squamish

August 26, 2013


source: mountainnerd.wordpress.com

This 20 minute documentary from QuestU students explores the geology of the west coast of British Columbia, specifically the area known as the Sea to Sky corridor. The doc focuses on The Barrier, a 300 meter tall, crumbling lava dam retaining the Garibaldi Lake system and some of the hazards it brings. Beyond the Barrier takes a look at how living below […]

Quote: The next industrial revolution

August 26, 2013



“There is a secular trend going on, in which launching a start-up is a more common thing to do. It used to be there were two things you could do after college: go to grad school or get a job. Soon, I think there will be three things: go to grad school, get a job, or start […]

Gary Vaynerchuk on Storytelling in 2013

August 23, 2013



Moved to: http://craigcherlet.com/gary-vaynerchuk-on-storytelling-in-2013/ If you’ve never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, you should check him out. He’s one of today’s great marketers that get’s it. Gary’s latest post is about storytelling. It’s about the ways that a company or brand connects with customers in 2013 is not the same as it was in 1998, 2004 or even […]

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Proposal for a Squamish Obstacle Course Trail

August 22, 2013



I moved my blog to craigcherlet.com – You can read the most recent updates on this post here. ———————————————————————————————————————————————- Update: The Squamish Chief did a write up on our proposal. Check it out. With the popularity of activities like Crossfit, Parkour, fitness bootcamps and races like the Tough Mudder, The Warrior Dash and the Spartan Race, more […]

33 markets ready for a disruption

August 19, 2013



In this digital age we live in today, entire industries are being disrupted by new business models & new technology more than they have since the beginning of the industrial age. To understand what I mean, look at what these companies have done in these industries. Skype – Skype brought free global calling to the […]


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