Blown away by Felix Baumgartner and the Redbull Stratos Project

Yesterday, my wife and I watched in Felix Baumgartner break the record for the highest ever skydive, jumping out of a balloon 128,000ft (24 miles, 39km) above the earth. It took him over 2 and a half hours to to climb in the capsule lifted by a helium filled balloon and less that 5 minutes to return to earth.

He set the record for the highest manned balloon flight and the fastest speed of free fall at 1,342 kilometers per hour (834 mph) making him the first human to break the sound barrier outside of a vehicle.

It was incredible and inspiring to watch and such an impressive project. The BBC will be doing followup documentry in the coming weeks and I can’t wait to watch this again.

Congratulations Felix and the entire Red Bull Stratos team.

Learn more at:

Felix Baumgartner right before he jumps from 127,599 ft above the earth.

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