Our bodies are not deficient in “insert latest big pharma drug”!

We are inundated with advertising telling us to fix our chronic pains using this wonder drug and that wonder drug. Memory loss, high cholesterol, weigh gain, depression, back pain, head aches and everything in between all have an associated product to “treat” them. And treating them seems to usually mean masking the symptoms.

Luckily in Canada, big pharma can’t use the self diagnosing ads like they can in the US. “If you suffer from X..Y..Z..” then tell your doctor to give you product A. I think this is having devastating effects in the US where people are asking for a particular drug and their doctors are just giving it to them. What’s the point of having doctors in this kind of system?

It seems that it’s often forgotten that these “symptoms” are our bodies way of telling us something is not right. It’s like our body is saying to us, “what you are doing, or not doing is hurting me. Please fix it.”

Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to respond with an approach that has us believe we are deficient in “insert latest big pharma drug” that masks this inner voice, not solving the underlying issue our body is trying to tell us about. Some how big pharma has us believing that when I have a head ache, my body needs ibuprofen or acetaminophen when in fact, we probably need something much more simple and inexpensive… WATER & EXERCISE.

Head aches tell us we need more water or better food.

High cholesterol tells us what we are eating isn’t working.

Back pain is a symptom telling us we are not active enough and to exercise. Arthur proves this to us here, but it seems much easier to just take a pill that tells our body to shut up for the time being, kicking the can down the road.

It seems to me that our medical system is so focused on product based solutions for what ails us that we’ve all been conditioned to pop a pill rather than change our lifestyle.

Next time, before you reach for that wonder pill, ask yourself:

“Is my body deficient in this stuff or is my body telling me something that I need to fix about my lifestyle?”


Author: craigcherlet

I’m a nature loving, family man who’s been tinkering with sales, marketing & technology since the late 1980’s. My mission is to help you start and grow an online business. Come check out my website.

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