Getable – Web based rental software

I just came across a cool start up business building an application for the rental business market. Although it’s currently targeted at San Francisco businesses, this is something I could see a lot of local adventure businesses taking advantage of.

Getable provides any store that rents items, such as camping equipment, tuxedos, bikes, skis or tools an easy to use web application to move their business online.

Most of these companies today run on an old fashioned paper based  or server-based inventory system. The unique aspect of this solution is that it has a portal that has 100,000 unique rental product listings and growing which provides consumers with a real-time directory of rental product inventory. This also provides the business with a new marketing channel. This will be an interesting start up to watch.

Visit to check it out.


Author: craigcherlet

I’m a nature loving, family man who’s been tinkering with sales, marketing & technology since the late 1980’s. My mission is to help you start and grow an online business. Come check out my website.

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