Excited for the Squamish Oceanfront development

photo 3aThe Squamish Oceanfront is a beautiful place. We go for walks every week on this great piece of property and I’m very excited for the future of this area.

The Squamish Oceanfront is the area outlined in the picture to the right. It is a former industrial site that the Squamish Oceanfront Development corporation has purchased and has great plans for. You can read about the project on their website and check out some pictures I have taken of the area below.

Here are some images from the SODC depicting what is to be developed here. The park is going to be amazing when this project comes to life and the transformation will be interesting to watch.

photo 2a

photo 1a

Here are a few pictures I took of what the site currently looks like.

photo 2b

photo 1b

photo 4b

photo 3b




photo 2


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